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MMI has a Quality Department that offers a complete service for 3rd party certifications and yearly certifications programs.

Our MMI team has more than 28 years of experience in the field of Quality Assurance.

MMI has been 17025 Accredited since February, 2005 and has recently obtained ISO “17025:2017” accreditation certification through ANAB – Ansi National Accreditation Board. We also provide full refurbishing of existing fixtures on-site, saving you time and money.

Fixture Calibration – New Fixtures

We simplify the process by eliminating any issues or questions your customer might have, before they think to ask.

Working from prints we compare GD&T callouts to Fixture design to assure your customer no discrepancies are inherited thru interpretation.

For new fixtures, we verify the integrity of the gauge by providing you with the gauge R&R’s studies and monitor work instructions to achieve the best results.We also compare the actual condition of a manufactured component to the nominal condition as defined by the engineering drawings & cad data.

Fixture Calibration – Existing Fixtures

Our in-house capabilities Will save you Time and Money by minimizing transportation and handling costs.

Our process for Existing fixtures due for their yearly calibrations is as follows:

  • Clean the fixture
  • Reset the clamps, if necessary
  • Check for broken or loose pins
  • Check for missing or broken hand applies
  • Check to make sure spring loaded features are working properly such as RFS datum pins and Dial indicators
  • Calibrate the fixture, generate a QC report and provide a Road map for the fixture

If the fixture is within specifications we promptly return the fixture to our customer.

If the fixture is not within specifications we will advise our customer immediately, supply them with a detailed quote as to what needs to be repaired, the cost involved and advise them of the time frame required.

We Recognize the Need for Priority Handling

All of these services are provided in a timely manner. We recognize the need for priority handling of your fixtures and work hard to provide quick turnarounds.